Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Surviving Kindergarten

Last Thursday night I posted that "we've almost survived our first week of kindergarten."

I should've said "knock on wood" before I posted that.

Friday turned out to be a crazy day. By 8am Andrew had fallen up the stairs when goofing off with Catie and whacked his mouth leaving himself with two fat lips. Poor kid was really upset and even when the hurting stopped he did not want to go to school.

Eventually I got everyone dressed and out the door. When we got to school he was late, so we had to go get a late slip at the office (which meant lugging all three little people across the school to the office and then back to class). On the way to the office I noticed my foot and leg covered with water. I quickly discovered that an entire water bottle had leaked in the bottom of Andrew's kindergarten bag... and then onto me. Sweet.

Once we got to Andrew's classroom, he refused to go in. At first he just cried and was sad. I tried to hold his hand and walk him in, but he wouldn't budge. In the end, his teacher carried him crying into class while he practically pulled the buttons off my back jean pockets trying to hang on to me.

I was sad. I burst into tears on the playground when talking to a mom I didn't know (Andrew had punched her child the day before). Then once we almost got to the car I realized I had forgotten to add Andrew's snack to his bag... since it had been full of water.

I raced back across the schoolyard to add his snack to his bag and managed to run into a basketball hoop and smack my head. The bump immediately swelled up and left a goose egg on my head.

I walked back to the car with my two little kiddos and sobbed and called Elise.

Then I went home and ate chocolate with Catie and watched shows while Ryan slept. Two hours later I emailed the office secretary at school (because I was stressed that Andrew might still be having a tantrum). She emailed me back and checked on him and told me he was fine 2 minutes after I left school.

Hooray! After wasting two hours being stressed and sad, I finally got off the couch and did the dishes and was productive. Catie was inventive while I was distracted and made a cupcake craft and did some climbing.

When I picked Andrew up from school he was beaming. He was so proud of the great work he had done at school. He didn't mention a thing about being sad or having any problems earlier in the day.

We hurried home to have our twin buddies from kinderprep over for an afternoon playdate. My head was aching from all the stress from the morning so we played and had popsicles and ended the day with loads of fun!

Thank goodness!


Stephanie said...

I cried a lot when my oldest went to kindergarten. I spent a bunch of days picking him up from the office instead of his class. It only gets better. He loves school as a second grader. I would like to say he is completely done with tantrums. -- at least he is at school :). I think kids spend all day at school on their best behaviorand use all their energy on that -- it is good they can come home were they are most comfortable and fall apart a little.

RC Cola said...

This sounds like a day I would have. I hope it was better the next day.