Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ryan Turns One!

Ryan turned ONE on Sunday (October 27th). He is an absolute delight and seriously the happiest little kid. We LOVE him and enjoyed celebrating his birthday as a family doing his favorite things... eating food, playing with balloons & balls, and driving toy cars around. He is really easy to please.

Ryan would've been totally fine with just a balloon as his only birthday present, so we made sure to blow several of them up for him. He also had a birthday waffle that Kevin made him that he loved.

He looked so handsome in his special birthday shirt from Grandma Shari and loved the wrapping paper that came with the puzzle she sent.

The big kids had fun opening all of his presents and helping him play with them. They were actually really good at letting him have time to play with his toys too. He loved the puzzles, cars, and clothes that he got from Grandma Shari and Grandma Julie & Grandpa Kim. He felt very spoiled!

Sunday was a busy day of baking because I helped with a church event in the evening. I made probably 4 dozen pumpkin bars and pumpkin cookies and also made some mini funfetti bundt cakes for Ryan's family birthday party.

We made sure to give him the chocolate one so that he'd be extra messy... because first birthdays are way more fun with a mess!


Yum! Little dude started shaking because he was so excited about his yummy birthday treat.

He was such a cute birthday boy!

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