Thursday, January 16, 2014

Catie the Rock Star

I desperately need to start using my new phone so that I have better photos when I don't use my bigger camera... but for now these will have to do.

This post is all about Catie. 

We've had a rough year with this little cutie and I've been positively delighted to start potty training her this past week. Seriously. 

I feel like I waited the perfect amount of time and she is figuring it out. Some people like to potty train their kids when they are super little... I'd rather wait. So far that seems to work well for my kids and my sanity. Catie just turned three and things started to click. Hurray! 

The week has been filled with such positivity, lots of hugs, and Catie constantly telling me "I love you mom!" She is so proud of herself! We've definitely had some accidents, but that's to be expected. 

Ryan and Andrew have loved getting to be part of potty training. Everyone gets treats when good things happen... so they are super supportive of Catie. The first day was a bit crazy with Ryan running around getting in Catie's way, but things have settled down now.

We have to leave the house for drop off and pick up and occasional sanity park breaks... but other than that we've been mostly hanging out inside this week. I am making lists and lists of indoor active activities for us to do to keep us occupied and get everyone tired out. 

After each sticker chart is filled up Catie gets to pick a special activity. Tuesday we got take-out lunch and went to her favorite park. Wednesday we got squishy animals (50 cent plastic animals) at the mall along with cookies for me. 

I am keeping myself pulled together by doing a McD's drive by on the way home from school every morning so I have my diet coke fix on hand while I try and be super positive supportive mom during potty training boot camp. 

Our house is a disaster and we've gotten very little done this week other than potty training, but I have loved it! Let's hope we can keep up the momentum. 

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