Saturday, January 4, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile Today

I have a whole bunch of pictures from December to post, but today I just wanted to share some of the things that have made me smile this past week and remember how much I am blessed.

The weather in CA is gorgeous right now. Last week in Utah it was cold and the air was gross... so I couldn't breathe well and had to use an inhaler. It was annoying. Yesterday we hung out at the park till it was dark.

Andrew and I played basketball and I sunk a few free throws. His optimism was so darling... he really thought I would make each 3-pointer I tried to hit. I think I need more practice. It has been too long since I actually played. I missed every single one. He was convinced I made one. They were all air balls though.

While we played, Catie flitted about and picked berries and Ryan stood by us like a little doggie. He was just waiting for his turn to touch the ball. Andrew gave him a turn to hold it after every shot he took. It was adorable. What a thoughtful big brother.

Catie loves this cookie cutter science activity we have been doing lately. It buys me about 20 minutes to do the dishes and clean the kitchen and whatever else I want to do... She makes a big contained mess and ends each session drinking vinegar from the pipet. She thinks it is good. Ick!

I like to tell Kevin that if I get in an organizing mood stay out of my way and don't complain... because as quick as the urge comes on... it can disappear for months and months. This week I organized my closet, Andrew's closet, and Catie's closet. I also decluttered all the toy cupboards/bins and am donating several things. I unpacked everyone within a day of getting home from Utah too. Usually that takes way way longer (even months sometimes)... All I have left is to box up Christmas. Right now it is all sitting on my dining room table. Walking in my pretty closet makes me feel so happy now. I finally feel settled in our new (7 month old) remodeled space.

Kevin and I went on a date night last night. Cheesecake Factory had a super long line so we loved having about an hour to shop around in downtown Walnut Creek. I think we tested out every single couch in Crate & Barrel.

Then we proceeded to eat way too much food (and bread) and drink way too many diet cokes... and then we shared a big hot fudge sundae. It was the perfect size. It was so nice to get home and hear that Catie & Andrew had behaved well for the sitter and had gone to bed without a fight (we put Ryan down before we left). Such a great feeling to enjoy good food and chat without interruptions. Nights out like that are so necessary!

I had way too many blogging work commitments in October, November, and early December, so I made sure I took almost two weeks off over the holidays to relax. This week I loved getting caught back up, organized, and refocusing. I still have a long ways to go to feel ready for the new year, but being back in touch with some of my bloggy buddies made me smile. The cakebites I ate while I worked did too.

This morning Andrew and Kevin played Star Wars Trouble and then stood around reading all of the rules intently and learning every single one. I loved that Andrew was just as fascinated with the rules as Kevin was. Meanwhile I would probably just make up my own rules. These two are two peas in a pod and such cute buddies.

Andrew also loves to talk to Kevin about anything related to football right now. He loves getting updates on scores and he is so excited for some of the upcoming freezing bowl games. He remembers every single detail that Kevin tells him. It is adorable how much he looks up to his dad.

Ryan is the busiest little boy ever and such a smiley kid too. He had a rough few weeks with the croup and colds and now new teeth coming in, but sure is still happy through it all. This photo cracked me up.  

He has now fallen once or twice off the chair (not the table) and seems to have learned his lesson and hasn't been climbing any more. Knock on wood.

Today all this little boy wanted was me. I loved every single minute of hugging him. At one point he grabbed me and I just sat in the middle of my kitchen on the floor with his arms grabbing me and head on my shoulder and we just sat... and sat and hugged. 

Tonight when we had the sister missionaries over he kept giving them high fives and stealing their scriptures. At one point I just looked at him and opened my arms and he gave me the most adorable little grin and raced over to fall into my arms and hug me. 

I am seriously smitten with this little one. What a cuddle bug! 

I feel so grateful for our little family and the chance I have to be with them each day.

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