Sunday, January 5, 2014

We have another Sunbeam!

This one did not go into Sunbeams kicking and screaming (unlike Andrew). She was a little nervous, but so excited to see her friends and be in primary. Hooray! We made it through the first day. Who knows how next week will go... but for today, we're good. 

Catie sits right in front of Andrew in junior primary, so she loved having a buddy in there. When I picked her up at the end of the two hours she told me that she was a really good singer in primary!

We celebrated by having her favorite food for lunch and letting her watch a special movie after church. 

The day was bittersweet. My kids are really painful when they move into nursery and take a long time to get acclimated. They spend a lot of time hugging their leaders and getting lots of special attention in class. Because they have such a hard time getting used to nursery, they become really attached to their nursery leaders. Catie loves loves loves her nursery leaders and I was really worried today would be a hard transition. I was also sad to have her leave such a safe and happy place where I knew everyone loved her... despite how hard she could be. 

Normally we host a Christmas caroling event in December to thank the nursery leaders, but December was too crazy and sickness filled this year, so instead we made treats today and took them around to her nursery leaders tonight. I thought it was a sweet way to transition into her next class.

She skipped up to each door with Kevin and was so excited to hug each nursery leader (she had 5 different ones), give them the special card and treat we made, and she even spontaneously told a few of them how much she loved them. If you know Catie well, you know that she can be very particular with who she will hug, which makes them all the more special. She came back to the car after each delivery with the cutest smile and was so happy that she'd made her teachers happy.

I sure love her! What a great way to end the day! I am so proud of her.

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