Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Little Early Anniversary Celebration- 8 Years

Our 8 year wedding anniversary is next Tuesday (February 18th). 8 years ago on President's Day weekend we got married in the Manhattan LDS temple. It seemed only fitting to commemorate our anniversary with a temple trip... this time to the Oakland Temple.  

Jessie was planning to go to the temple on Saturday too, so we were excited to go to the same session together.

Afterwards Kevin and I enjoyed a nice leisurely dinner at Fentons followed by big ice cream sundaes. I love that we both don't need anything super fancy to have a fabulous anniversary-->> just good treats and each other.

Just like all celebrations in our house... I enjoy having them last longer than just a day... so maybe we'll dub this week our "anniversary week." Looking forward to hopefully celebrating again just the two of us on our actual anniversary on Tuesday.

I am so grateful to be married to Kevin! I still ask myself how did I get to be so lucky?  

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