Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Andrew Turns 6!

Andrew had a great birthday!

We kicked off the day by waking him up singing "Happy Birthday!" around 7:15am. For once he actually slept in.

He was super excited to see that Kevin had decorated his bedroom door with a few balloons and streamers.

Then we headed downstairs to a birthday breakfast of sprinkle waffles with whipped cream (made by Kevin)... and the kids snuck some treats too.

Andrew opened a few presents from Grandpa Kim & Grandma Julie and got some Lego building time in before school. He was in heaven!

During Kindergarten snack time Catie, Ryan, and I went over to school to help Andrew pass out his Star Wars Death Star rice crispy treats. We also made goodie bags for the kids in his class and he loved getting to put them in everyone's school bag.

Catie and Ryan got lots of attention from the kindergarteners and thought it was so cool to hang out with Andrew at school!

After kindergarten was over, we went back and picked up Andrew and a friend and we all headed to Super Franks!! We stayed there from 1:30pm all the way until it closed at 4pm. We could've partied even longer.

Andrew thought it was so seriously cool to get to bring a friend with us to Super Franks. Catie and Ryan were pretty well behaved and we even got to meet up with my friend Kaari who came up from the South Bay. Perfect day!

The day almost got ruined when the arcade games got turned off early... but after a quick chat with a worker, they turned a few back on for us. Andrew was so happy!

On the drive to drop off Andrew's friend the boys said again and again what a great day it had been. Andrew just kept saying, "Being 6 is awesome!" Let's hope he feels the same way still tomorrow.

In the evening Andrew played Legos and I made him a special mac n cheese dinner (his request). We ended the night with birthday cake and more present opening. He especially loved the Anakin to Darth Vader two colored light saber we got him... since all of his are currently broken. He felt so spoiled by his Grandma Shari, and G&G Kim & Julie and was so happy they gave him so many things that "he's always wanted!!" (his words)

We can't believe he is 6! How crazy?! Definitely was such a great day. Happy Birthday to my favorite 6 year old!

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