Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lego Engineering

A few months ago a friend told us about a local spot created by engineers that was filled with Legos.

I've been dying to take Andrew and I managed to pull up their website the other week and check out their after school classes.

Lego Jedi Engineering was the first one I saw. I read the class description to Kevin and he said something to the effect of I don't care how much that costs we are totally signing Andrew up.

If you didn't know already from seeing my photos on Instagram... Andrew is obsessed with Legos... and most specifically with Star Wars Legos.

Last week he had his first class. They each made their own forest of Endor with Legos (the forest where the Ewoks live). He was so excited to show us his creation when he picked us up. This is him explaining it to Kevin.

Meanwhile, the class is only 5 minutes away from the mall... so as you can imagine, this is a win/win for me too. Catie, Ryan, and I get to spend and hour and a half once a week roaming the mall eating Mrs. Fields cookies.

Today we found a sweet deal on jewelry, so both Catie and I came home with a new purchase. :)

Ryan came home with a chocolate covered face (good thing I brought him an extra shirt).

We also made sure to visit Olaf at JCP. The kids think it is like Disneyland.

Love it! Best day of the week.

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