Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day #100actsofkindness Family Celebration

For the past 26 days we've been participating in my Toddler Approved blog's 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge.

Today we ended the challenge with a family Valentine's Day celebration.

While Kevin and the kiddos were off taking treats to some friends, Ryan and I decorated and got dinner made. We got the idea for "Cupid's Cafe" from my friend Jenae at I Can Teach My Child.

We made sure to hang up our 100 acts of kindness challenge completed poster... 

We had heart pizza, veggies, and sparkly martinellis.

After Ryan and I decorated we patiently waited for everyone else to get home. He thought the candles were pretty cool... so did the big kids. 

The big hits at dinner were the cool big cups and the sparkling cider. My kids would rather drink their dinner than eat it.

We ended the evening with heart-shaped brownies & ice cream watching Olympics with the kids.

The other highlights of the day were getting loads of valentines from school and getting presents from G&G Smith and a few other friends.

Kindergarten valentines rule! Andrew ate candy all afternoon. 25 valentines... he thought he was a rock star.

G&G Smith sent some pretty cool V-day surprises for the kiddos. Catie got Elsa... and didn't put her down all day long.

Andrew made Kevin and I the most adorable valentine picture frame and card.

Kevin & Catie surprised me with flowers and cadbury mini eggs and G&G Smith send some Mrs. Fields cookies in a cute jar that I desperately tried unsuccessfuly to hide from everyone. Catie's darling primary teachers sent her a valentine and she LOVED IT! It was one of very few she received, so she felt totally special.

Andrew loved his lego v-day gift from G&G Smith and made it all afternoon... and then talked about it all evening. He thinks it is AWESOME.

We also started off the day with heart shaped waffles made by Kevin... so the day started and ended with some yummy food. That is what I call a great day!

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