Saturday, February 1, 2014

Andrew's First Basketball Game

Today Andrew had his first basketball game. Several of my friend's kids ended up on his team so we have quite the fun cheering section during the game.

His coaches are very nice and supportive and Andrew had a blast!

I was impressed with how well he dribbled the basket down the court considering he's never played in a real game before. He still has a lot to learn about traveling and double dribbling. They didn't call any of that today though... so that was great.

I think they decided to call themselves the Warriors. Their goals are to have fave and make baskets. I think the coach said every kid on the team except one made a basket today. I don't think Andrew made one... or at least he doesn't remember making one... so I think he was that one kid.

Good thing he is not a depressed sort of kid. He was just excited that his team "won" (an unscored game). 

The littler kiddos were CRAZY while we watched Andrew's grame, but were still a lot of fun. Ryan had a blast climbing up the bleachers and make graham cracker messes and Catie tried to see how many times she could go use the bathroom in an hour. She liked having 1:1 attention and the long walk to the bathroom.

So proud of Andrew and his hard work today! 

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Jess said...

I love this whole thing, it's just the cutest. Can't wait to come see him play soon!