Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Birthday

My birthday was wonderful as usual this year, and considering I turned 33 (and I thought I turned 33 last year), it wasn't too traumatic of a day. ;)

My mom flew into town on Friday afternoon and we hit the ground running doing our usual Black Friday shopping spree. We went to downtown Walnut Creek and the nearby mall (mostly so that we could get Mrs. Fields cookies).

We don't do early or crowded, so our Black Friday shopping trip was quite pleasant.

Ryan tagged along and was pretty cooperative... other than several scream fests in the car.

My favorite deals were at Janie and Jack and Lu Lu Lemon (though everything is a deal when you are being treated to a shopping spree). I love Catie's newly purchased Christmas dress and the boy's outfits that coordinate along with my new lulu running pants and top.

After a late lunch at Boudin (grilled cheese and tomato soup- yum!), we met the kids and husbands downtown for the annual "Lighting of the old oak tree." I fed Ryan in the car and then met up with everyone. They were underwhelmed with the event this year (very crowded), so then we just trekked back to the car to go home. We did manage to visit with Santa though, so that was the highlight of the night.
Cute cousins!

Andrew made sure to let Santa know that he wants a real rocket for Christmas.

While babysitting all the kids all day, Dan and Kevin still managed to cover all the bases for our birthday celebration. Dan got us an ice cream birthday cake and Kevin got us a Mrs. Fields cookie cake and we drank peppermint hot cocoa and enjoyed the night all together with loads of treats!

Andrew was very proud of the card he made me (with a rocket drawing inside) and the bouquet of flowers he picked for me too. He told the florist I like lots of pink!

Ryan got lots of cuddles during the partying... especially from Maddie who might be his number one fan.

After everyone headed home, Andrew helped me open the last of my gifts. I was so excited to discover a new lens for my camera along with some earplugs from baby Ryan.

What a phenomenal birthday! 

In addition to all of the sweet gifts from my parents and siblings, I got so many thoughtful notes from friends and have continued to get little gifts throughout the rest of the weekend/week. I am so lucky to have so many kind friends! 

We plan to continue the birthday celebrating all week long since Catie turns two next Saturday!! Crazy!!

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