Saturday, November 10, 2012

Little Man is 2 Weeks Old!

Ryan spent his second week of life hanging out while Mom and Dad bulldozed through the house and tried to de-clutter and re-organize as much as possible! We are on a roll... and have lots to do still! It is amazing how much more energy I have now that I am not pregnant!

Meanwhile Catie and Andrew attempted to undo all the organizing and pull things out of the trash or donate pile. It definitely kept things entertaining!

We had a family trip to Fuddruckers with G&G Smith and Ryan had his first (and second) trip to Mrs. Fields all in the course of two days. One might wonder if I purposefully bought the wrong thing at the Apple Store for Kevin JUST so we had an excuse to have a family mall trip on Saturday ;)

Ryan also had his 2 week appointment and we were happy to see that he's back above his birthweight and is now 7 lbs 9 ounces (or 10... if you go with the scale and not the nurse). He still feels SO TINY since all our other kids started out at almost 8 pounds. I am loving my itty bitty cuddly baby!

Ryan got lots of cuddle time with G&G Smith and Aunt Jessie

And even some cuddling with Catie who absolutely adores her baby "lion" and is always helping bring blankets and pacifiers to him. She loves seeing what he is up to and says hi to him when she sees him. It is so adorable!

Ryan has spent a good part of this week sleeping, but is having more and more alert time too.

Andrew and Catie also loved all the time they had with G&G Smith this past week! They watched shows and played games on the iPad, went to McDonalds for breakfast, went on walks, rode bikes, went to the park, made rockets, and just played and played!

(getting ready to go "look" around the toy store)

What lucky kids to have such fun grandparents!

Little buddy still sleeps in 2-3 hour stretches at night, wears newborn clothes, and is a fan of his big green pacifier!

We think he is adorable and are having fun getting to know his personality more and more as he grows!


JerzyGrl said...

Can't wait to come back and cuddle with him!! Such cute pictures, especially the ones with him and Catie.

Liz said...

So many great pictures! Way to capture the moments!

I love the one with your mom and Ryan, Ryan asleep on someone's lap, and the picture of your dad, Andrew, and Catie with their hands behind their backs is killing me! Too funny!

Ashley said...

Little Ryan is just the cutest. You are making me excited to be on the other end of this pregnancy! And I always love hearing mention of Mrs. Fields. YUM.