Saturday, November 3, 2012

Little Baby Buddies

On Friday afternoon my cousin Jenny and her kids came over to play. We had to introduce baby Pierce to baby Ryan :) and since Elise was in town (and Jess came up from MP), they needed to get to meet Pierce too. 

We sat around eating Elise's Trader Joes chocolates, chatting, and hanging out with the babies while Kevin chaperoned the big kids outside. Of course we managed to not get Elise in any pictures... :(

I love how adorable the two boys are. They are exactly one month apart.

I had to snap this photo of Macy and Catie too because they looked so darling sitting on the front step downing their juice.

Such a fun afternoon! Can't believe that our little Ryan is now officially 1 week old! The week just flew by. Happy 1 week little buddy!

Maybe next month we'll get to have another little buddy reunion and include Cat and Scott's new little guy (or girl)? I can't wait!

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