Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a fabulously simple and fun Halloween this year!

We started off the day with Kevin making special waffles for the kids while Ryan and I met with the home health nurse who did a house call to give us a check up. We played, made cornbread, visited with a friend, and then Andrew went to school. After school we got ready for the Halloween festivities!!

We started the evening off with a Neighborhood Chili Potluck at my neighbor Kara's house and then  we went trick or treating around the neighborhood with some friends. Ryan chilled in the safety of the stroller and away from all the kids. We made it to about 10 houses and then called it a night before the kids melted down. Catie was a HUGE fan of going house to house to see doggies, check out lawn ornaments, and get candy after candy. Our neighborhood will never look the same to her.

I think our first outing as a family of five was successful!

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