Thursday, October 25, 2012

Googleween 2012

This afternoon we trekked down to Googleween. After going for four years, we've figured a few things out... #1 arrive early and #2 be gone after an hour... it just gets more and more crowded and less fun the longer you stay.   

Our kids were stoked to be back in costume. I'm reviewing a few costumes for Party City for my Toddler Approved blog, so I got two ladybug costumes to try out... which meant Catie wore the first one this morning and the second one this afternoon. She loved the wand that went with this afternoon's costume!

We started off the party with some air cannon "pumpkin" shooting.

Had a little photo shoot... since we arrived about 15 minutes early.

Too much sun and too much going on... but they looked cute anyway

And then we got snacks and roamed around exploring. Pretzels, cookies, popcorn, and candy... totally our sort of party.

They had the most adorable pumpkin patch set up too.

This little one had a love/hate relationship with the petting zoo. She loved the animals when they would let her pet them... and was devastated when they ran away.

Meanwhile Andrew was most excited about the bag he got to carry around that random Google people dressed up in costume filled with candy for him. He got an entire box of Nerds (BIG box) and was in heaven... I will be confiscating it tomorrow.

We also watched the marionettes and a little bit of the show going on with a silly pharaoh...

and by then the kiddos had plenty of candy and didn't want to do anything else (they had balloon animals, face painting, and hay rides too)... so we headed out...

Catie probably liked climbing the stairs and swinging like a monkey almost as much as the party... toddlers are easy to please that way.

Such a fun afternoon together! We ended the night with a playdate with our friend Marie at Cuesta Park (while Kevin entertained a bunch of BYU students that my dad brought out to SF), a trip to In N Out for dinner, and then a very painful ride home in traffic with Catie bug. We love her, but hate driving in the car with her for longer than 20 minutes... next time I will be bringing earplugs.

Three parties down... a few more to go... and several more costumes to try out! Should be an exciting and exhausting week!

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