Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Playdate

Andrew had his bud from next door over for a playdate after school today. They painted pumpkins using a new technique Andrew and I tried out earlier today.

Love these faces... ;)

Catie was so excited to get in on the fun.

We made spider snacks too... Catie licked off every ounce of frosting and then threw everything else on the floor... and then wanted more frosting.

After the boys played at our house for an hour, they went next door to play for an hour... so Catie and I had time to play games, be silly, and put lots of laundry away. I knew I was done having her as my laundry helper when I started discovering that she was putting all of Andrew's clean underwear into the bathroom trash.

Such a great day. I LOVED getting to have some 1:1 with this little girl. She is so adorable and cuddly and fun. I am amazed by the things that she says. My favorite moment was when she was painting and she pointed to the camera and said, "The camera is right there" and then wanted me to take a picture of her painting. Obviously I'm creating a monster... it was so funny :)

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