Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rocket Boy

Andrew manages to involve everyone around him in his obsessions... mostly because he talks about them nonstop.

Lately, the obsession is rockets... which is obvious if you read my Toddler Approved blog or follow me on Instagram.

A typical event at our house is for me to be cleaning the kitchen and look over to the couch where both Catie and Andrew have assumed their positions on the "couch rocket" and are both holding some sort of random object in the air while counting down and saying "5-4-3-2-1 blast off, we have lift off..." and then they run around with their objects.

Either that or they are running around playing rocket tag or pretending one of the beds is a rocket.

Kevin bought Andrew some real rockets awhile ago and they finally put one of them together this past weekend.

Pretty good looking rocket, right?

Then we headed off to a local park to launch it.

Andrew made sure to tell every kid in the vicinity about the cool rocket that he made with his dad and then invited them to come watch. Along the way we lost the engine cap, so we had a bunch of kids watching and waiting and we weren't sure if it would actually work.

Kevin igniting the rocket

It went several hundred feet up and then the parachute blew it into a very tall tree. All the kids came to try and help. After unsuccessfully climbing the tree, Kevin launched a large stick at the rocket until he finally got it down. Hurray!

We have three more rockets ready to launch this weekend. Andrew is soooo excited that Grandpa Kim is coming to visit so he wanted to save them to launch when he gets here. Should be a fun morning... assuming they can find another good spot to launch the rockets.

In the meantime, we have another little rocket running around our house :)

This costume is for toddlers... size 2-3T, but he wouldn't be convinced that it was too small... and it actually isn't too bad. Two of his classmates from school saw it at Target and told their mom that Andrew would love it... so we had to go check it out when she mentioned it to me. Little dude fell in love... so now we'll have a rocket boy for Halloween.


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