Friday, October 19, 2012

Jessie's 25th Birthday Bash

We celebrated Jessie's birthday a few weekends ago. Andrew helped plan the party... so it was a hit.

The first game he came up with was Booty Bingo. I helped him refine the game a bit and we created Booty Bingo boards. It was so funny!

Everyone had to go around and share a favorite thing about Jessie. Then they had to draw a picture of it on their Bingo board. Once our boards were filled with everyone's favorite things about Jessie, we played bingo!

When you got 5 in a row you got to yell- BOOTY! -Andrew's favorite part (and stick your behind into the air).

Caters just enjoyed going from person to person and stealing M&Ms

After our game, we sang Happy Birthday and ate mint chip ice cream pie

Cat and Scott brought a confetti gun that seriously made Andrew's night

Little dude loved goofing around with Jess too. 

and Catie ate bowl after bowl of pie

Kevin decorated the house for the party using his fancy streamer skills... 

He is so sad that he shared this talent with me... now he is forever in charge of decorating :)

After ice cream pie, we played musical chairs and I just cracked up watching Catie and Andrew dance and compete with everyone.

Such a fun night! Happy 25th Birthday Jessie!

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