Saturday, October 20, 2012

Science Day and a Busy Saturday!

One of my jobs as Curriculum Chair at Andrew's preschool was to help with this year's Science Day! I helped organize volunteers to come and I also helped set up, manage some stations, and clean up the event. It was a big success... mostly due to all of the hard work by the Director of the school and the volunteers and teachers!

My kids love science experiments, so Kevin got them there right when the event started and I think they stayed for almost the full two hours. They were in heaven!  

Here are some pictures of what they got to do...

Making aluminum boats and exploring how to help them sink or float

Sink or float station with different items

Milky Color Explosions

This was Catie's favorite activity... she did it again and again and again

Dry ice pumpkin

Dino Fossil Dig

Drip painting down ramps

Another one of Catie's favorite activities

Balloon blow up with baking soda and vinegar

I was running around refilling things and helping at different stations, so I didn't get photos of my kids at every spot. Andrew's absolute favorite activity was the alka seltzer rockets using film canisters. They also made bio slime, did fizzle painting, made sand volcanos, played with water tubes, explored cars and ramps, and played with dry ice BOO bubbles.

I'm exhausted just thinking about all of the fun they had!

Catie was so worn out afterwards that she napped for 3 hours!!

I was so exhausted after the full morning of craziness (9am-1pm of setting up, running around, and cleaning up) that I crawled onto my couch and basically did nothing for 3 hours once I got home. I don't usually complain much when I am pregnant, but my legs ached so bad when I got home that I didn't know what to do with myself... fortunately distracting myself by not having a pity party and instead going through boxes of baby clothes and putting them in drawers helped a bit. I also attempted to take a nap... and managed to fall asleep for 5 minutes before Catie woke up. 

We spent the rest of our Saturday afternoon relaxing, cleaning up the house, doing dishes, and watching Halloween movies... while Kevin went to Stake Priesthood meetings with Elder L. Tom Perry.

I managed to get some relaxing in during our evening Stake Adult Leadership Meeting too! Kevin scored us a seat on the soft benches and we enjoyed listening to Elder Higham (Quorum of the 70) and Elder L. Tom Perry (of the 12 Apostles). It was an inspiring meeting!

We celebrated our hard work and a great day with a date night trip to the San Francisco Creamery after the leadership meeting. Yum!

Now I am so excited to head off and grab a tylenol for my exhausted legs and then attempt to sleep! Hooray!

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