Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dog Party

Yesterday we hosted our little monthly Mommy and Me Book Club... only a week or two late for September :) We had it scheduled a little bit ago but then I flew to Arizona instead for my Grandma's funeral. 

For our Dog Party we read an adorable book called RRRalph! by Lois Ehlert and had four little friends come over. 

The dog cookies were the hit of the day. I found the idea for them from my friend Danielle's cute blog... so I just adapted her idea using stuff we already had around the house.

I have never seen my kids sit still and be so engaged for so long. Catie savored every bite. Andrew wanted to save his cookie and then went back and forth to keep eating it for the subsequent hour.

The friends loved the cookies too! Andrew's friend Rose even came decked out as a dog to the dog party... without knowing it was a dog party. So cute! The kids all made dog hats, played some doggie games, and did a dog craft project.

The day was a lot of fun... especially watching them hide the "bone" all around the house and then helping each other find it. We encouraged them to hide the bone in harder and harder to find spots and then they'd all go looking for it while the moms sat around and got to chat. It was a brilliant game! :)

Can't wait till next month... er this month again (since we're behind)! ;)

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Chrissie said...

Phenomenal job, as always. My kids still have their dog ears. :)