Friday, October 19, 2012

Life These Days

It is much easier/quicker to update life on Instagram than on the blog right now... since not too much is going on...

Our weeks are pretty chill and I love it. I sat down the other day to write out a very detailed schedule for whoever watches Catie and Andrew while I am in the hospital having the baby and I realized there really isn't much that is that critical on our schedule. Pretty much anyone could follow our schedule and life really wouldn't get interrupted at all...

6:20/30am- Run with friends (usually three to four days a week)... or sleep in
7:30am- Do dishes, read blogs, shower, check Facebook and email
9:00am- Wake up (if I didn't go running with friends) and make breakfast
10:00am- Go to a park with friends... or run errands... or do crafty projects at home
11:45am- Feed kids lunch and pack Andrew's bag for school
12:30pm- Drop Andrew off at school
12:45pm- Catie naps and I waste time doing whatever I want for 2 hours (usually that means that lately I take a long nap)
3:30pm- Pick Andrew up at school
3:45pm- Meet friends at a park or play with neighbors
5:30/6:00pm- Come home and make dinner and play inside (or veg in front of TV)
7:00pm- Catie goes to bed and Andrew starts getting ready for bed

I am enjoying every minute of not being very scheduled. I decided to skip enrolling kids in gymnastics and soccer and really anything else this Fall so that we could relax... and it has been great. I love our afternoons at the park and think it is so cute to see how nicely Andrew and Catie play together when they aren't inside our house fighting over toys.

If only they could be as good of little buddies inside our house as they are outside of our house.

Knock on wood- there have been a few moments in the past few weeks when they've played together nicely for 30 minutes in Andrew's room (not doing anything destructive) and didn't fight at all... it was amazing.

They spend pretty much at least 30 minutes to an hour every day just covering black pieces of paper with Halloween stickers... and then they go hunting for ghosts together.

They also take every opportunity possible to dump out the laundry and be bucket-heads or basket-heads. They also love to be rockets and chase each other around the house playing tag.

I love watching them interact. Even their constant fighting is sometimes funny... especially with regards to what they fight over. Catie wants anything that Andrew looks at or touches... and visa versa... We spend a lot of time talking about using our words to ask for things. Catie loves to scream at the top of her lungs when she wants something or doesn't want to do something and it usually causes Andrew and I to start laughing. She totally knows how to talk, but she seems to think screaming is more fun.

Despite her love of screaming, Catie is the most polite almost 2 year old I have ever met. She is constantly telling me and Andrew "thank you" when we help her with anything and is also great at saying, "please." I wish I could record her all day long because the way she says different words is so cute!

Catie is still also the most huggable loveable child ever. She will get out of the car and just randomly decide to hug my legs while I am getting the mail and say, "I love you mama." It is seriously precious. It never gets old. 

Andrew keeps us entertained with his new rocket obsession. You can get him to do anything by telling him to blast off and go do it (and then counting down backwards)... Every single item in our house has become a rocket to him and he's decided he's having a rocket themed birthday party and we are making these Space Shuttle Party Treats for his friends. He talks about it daily and keeps asking if we can go back and look at more rocket things on Pinterest. I think I created a party planning monster. I pacified him today by checking out six books about the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 missions from the library. He thought I was the best mom ever.

That's the excitement at our house this week :)

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