Thursday, October 25, 2012

Boo Brunch

Andrew's friend Ben invited us to a special "Boo Brunch" this morning. Both kiddos were very excited to head to a party and get decked out in their costumes. I managed to snap a few photos of them before we left. Both can be somewhat bribed with chocolate right now... so that is useful.

Ben's mom, Julie, planned an adorable ghost themed brunch. I had fun snapping a few pictures during the short few seconds when my kids actually stayed put and ate some food. They are not fans of eating... especially at a new interesting place when there are balloons around... so they probably wasted more food than ate it, but it sure did look cute!

Andrew's costume came off about 3 minutes into the party and he rocked an out of this world hair style for the rest of the time. Someone needs to tell his mom that he needs a haircut... or at least a large amount of gel. ;) Poor kid!

Catie loved her buddy Jasmine's doggy costume... so she was very excited to go sit next to her for a picture :)

These two loved playing balloon volleyball at the party.

Catie was also in love with Julie's ghost decorations.

I loved all the cute garlands and decorations she had up displayed in her house too... totally pinterest worthy.

The kids decorated pumpkins and colored... Andrew loved sticking googly eyes and stitches all over his pumpkin while he chatted with buds

Both kids were a big fan of the Ghost Bowling too!

I loved the ghost bowling set Julie made! I think it was inspired by my friend Alie's blog post here and turned out so cute.

Midway through the party Catie went back to the brunch table once everyone had left to scavenge for candy corn and drink her "boo" milk.

What a fun way to kick off the upcoming week filled with loads of Halloween festivities!! 

Afterwards we headed home for some downtime and quick naps before trekking down to the South Bay for Googleween!

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