Friday, October 5, 2012

Cute Stuff about Miss Cuters

Catie is seriously cute. Even when she is throwing a gran mal tantrum (as I like to call them) she is adorable. The way she forms words and phrases and almost complete sentences sometimes totally amazes me... and it is hard not to laugh when she gets a huge pout face on.

Since I am now 8 months pregnant I am definitely not the most patient with her sometimes. I get sad lately worrying that she might get the shaft as the middle child, but she makes it so difficult to forget about her or not give her attention because instead of being annoying (other than during the tantrums) she is just absolutely, positively, lovable, and huggable.

Tonight she and I had a little girls night out while the boys went camping. She was so excited! We went to Blackhawk and got a sandwich from Draegers to split for dinner and we bought duck food as well! We fed the ducks, chased them, "rode" the rides (love that she doesn't care if they move yet), played on the playground, and then came home and played toys, dress up, and watched a few minutes of Max and Ruby before bed!

I love the picture above of her on my lap of the two of us because it reminds me of how during the day every day she'll come up and give me a hug and say, "buddy hug!" I dance around and sing the "My buddy" song with her sometimes (you know this one from the 80s)... so she likes to talk about being my buddy. This photo she was calling our buddy picture. I also loved how she discovered the ruffles on her shirt and then thought that 'ruffle' was the coolest word... and then was showing me all the cute things she was wearing- ruffles, a clippy, etc. She is such a tomboy and girly girl at the same time!

I am not the most huggy sort of person so it is really special to have this little energetic, persistent, happy little one always cuddling with me and giving me hug. It is hard to ever have a bad day with her around.

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