Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hospital and Coming Home

These are loads of pictures of our time at the hospital and coming home from the hospital last weekend. Can't believe it has been a whole week!

Meeting baby Ryan

Proud big brother

Catie's turn

She loved holding him for a few minutes and then pushed him away...
good thing Grandma was there :)

Doting Grandparents

Cuddle time with Grandpa

The baby can only be interesting for so long... so then it was ipad time

Tito getting some practice... only 4 weeks left till we meet baby Smith #1!

Baby Ryan gave the kids each a big lollipop as his special present

Hanging out... the nurses showed Kevin where their secret treat stash was... 
and Catie loved the popsicles 

Me and my boys... (I really needed a shower, can you tell? Ugh!)

Chillin with Aunt Jess

More of my little cutie after everyone left...

Day 3... Going home!

Hanging out forever waiting to get discharged

Finally escaping!!
(I had massively swollen ankles... such good memories ;))

Andrew was at school when we got home... but Catie enthusiastically greeted Ryan and showed him the signs that she and Andrew had made for him (with G&G Smith).

So happy to be home and back to my cozy bed without crazy machines and nurses constantly waking me up!


RC Cola said...

Cat's been keeping me updated on little baby Ryan. He is so beautiful. Congrats!!!

The Mostess said...

Adorable!! I love the Catie pushed him away, and frowned in all of her photos with him.

He's such a sweet little guy. I'm excited to meet him!