Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life with 3

Ask me in 4 weeks what life with three kids is like... right now I've got things pretty good and it's not too crazy (knock on wood).

Kevin took 4 weeks off for paternity leave (3 weeks + Thanksgiving) and in addition to that we have some mom or dad or sister in town visiting for a few days each week to help... so I feel pretty spoiled.

Baby Ryan couldn't be cuter.

We love to cuddle with him. We also let him do tummy time in the buff during family dinner so that he'll actually say awake... he wants to sleep all the time during the day. Little dude eats every 2-3 hours. It takes him about an hour to eat... so I get an hour to read or relax on the couch every 2 hours... nice for me :)

Ryan is no Caitlin when it comes to sleep. I've made peace with it... since thankfully he's also not like Andrew! He'll sleep in 1 1/2 - 5 hour stretches at night... but usually just 2 hours at a time... I got two 5 hour stretches on two different day in the past week and a half and they were heavenly!  

I am just grateful I don't need that much sleep! These days I go to bed at 9 or 10pm (which is unheard of for me)... and get 2-3 hours of sleep while Kevin entertains the little dude. Then he sometimes is awake on and off from 1-3 or 3-5am (or both)... so I get a few more 1 1/2 hour cat naps before we have Andrew bouncing into our room at 7am. With Kevin home I can also get a nap in the morning or afternoon... so overall I am getting plenty of sleep for me when you add it all up...

One thing I love about being up in the middle of the night with Ryan is that I always get my scriptures read and several other things done on the computer- emails sent, blog posts written, photos edited, etc. I also love that when Ryan is "up" in the middle of the night, he usually just eats (which takes at least an hour if I can keep him awake) and then goes right back to sleep.

I am not looking forward to Kevin going back to work and losing my morning naptime :) Hopefully Ryan decides he likes to sleep in longer increments by then!!

I am also not looking forward to Kev going back to work because we've been so productive with getting things organized around the house while he's been home! Today we sorted through all our baby clothes and put a lot in the "donate" pile and Kev organized my linen closet. Hooray!! Hopefully we'll finish the garage (finally) in the next few weeks too. I love paternity leave!


Stephanie said...

Glad to hear things are going well. While I know it's brutal getting up in the night I also enjoy a nice quiet, peaceful house and just hanging out with the newborn. Good times, but yes, hopefully he can get a schedule going after Thanksgiving! Lucky you don't need too much sleep to function.

Ashley said...

Ryan looks like Andrew in that first pic of him on his tummy!

When I have my baby I request Kevin to come use Tyler's paternity leave. Tyler just goes golfing. And how fun that you get him clear through Thanksgiving!

mar said...

Kristina, he is darling! And I am envious of his long stretches of sleep since our little Charlotte does not believe in that :-) You are my inspiration to be more productive during her nursing times,usually I am the one that is trying to stay awake!

Liz said...

Love the pictures!! Little Ryan is so cute!!

So nice that Kevin is home with you for a month! What a nice transition into life with 3 little ones!

Keep the pictures coming!! Once Kevin goes back to work, and all your family has come and gone, I'm coming to hold baby Ryan!