Thursday, November 29, 2012


We checked one more boring thing off our "to do" list this week and FINALLY got the garage painted (ignore the dirty floor... it has been rainy... and cleaning it is another boring "to do" list item).

It has been almost a year and a half since we put the cabinets in (I cannot believe it was that long ago!)... and we may FINALLY finish the garage. Hooray!

Next we just need to finish selling a few things, put up our grid system on the walls (for bikes, strollers, tools, etc), and then both of our cars will FINALLY get to park inside again.

We ended up going with a light gray/grey (which one?) paint. Once the guy finished we were both underwhelmed... but then we remembered that it is just a garage... how exciting can painting a garage be? So then we spent the rest of the night looking at paint colors for Ryan's soon-to-be new room and our master bedroom/bathroom- WAY more fun! :)

Hooray for a FINISHED painted garage! We are great at starting projects and not awesome at finishing them (I get distracted/unmotivated), so it is nice to have this project one step closer to being complete!

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