Monday, October 3, 2011

24th Birthday Bash!

My favorite little sister is turning 24 next week... so a party was necessary.

Since I like throwing parties... I put myself in charge of being the party coordinator.

My first job was to surprise the guest of honor... and man oh man did I surprise her. I sprayed silly string all over her while we yelled surprised... and then Andrew surprised us all by completely freaking out. It was so funny that I kind of wanted to roll on the floor laughing. I guess silly string is wet and sticky? :) I wouldn't know... I was the one spraying it.

My second job was the make sure that everyone had a good time. The party blower things totally snapped Andrew out of his freaked out mood... fortunately... and crazy Scott and Jess might have helped a bit too.

Third job was dessert. You can't go wrong with one of Jules's stand-by treats- mint chip ice cream pie. By the way that Scott and Kevin were shoveling pieces of cake onto their plates and into their mouths, I think it was a success. (That being said, all girls went out for dinner beforehand and we totally didn't feed the guys... so they were probably really hungry too? :))

Jessie was kind enough to share the important candle blowing responsibility with Andrew.

My fourth and final job of the night as party cruise director was organizing the party games.

1. Pin the accessories on Jessie. We all know Jessie is the fashion queen in our family. If anyone can pull off crazy colors and styles, it is Jessie. Therefore, I thought this game was perfect.

First we had to choose our accessory and draw it.

Scott thought spikey shoulder pads needed a comeback

Cat gave Jessie a gorgeous tiara 
(love it when I learn new things about people during games- Cat is an awesome artist!)

Kev drew her a afro (reminded me of Marge from the Simpsons)

And Andrew cut his paper into itty bitty microscopic party hats :)

Next, we had to get blindfolded, spun, and then stick the accessory on Jessie.

We have a lot of talented cheaters in our family.

Who me? I can't see ;)

Who knew pin the accessory on Jessie would be a tackle sport?
Tito & Scott took her down!

Totally looks like her, don't you think?

Next up...
2. Musical Chairs- with Halloween music...

People who didn't win (we don't say losers in our house ;))... got to sit on the couch and eat M&Ms.

So when Cat and Jess accidently made Andrew lose pretty quick into the first game, he said, "It's ok, I lost" and then came and sat next to Scotter and I on the couch and pounded M and Ms along with us.

If you want to feel like you were there with us Mom/Dad/Caffees... you can watch this video. :)

3. Freeze dance- the finale... Beyonce, Ghostbusters, Crazy, Thriller, Twist and Shout,... a dance party is always the way to end the evening. Andrew officially thinks we are all crazy (or at least that Jessie is crazy)... but fortunately by the end of the night he loved silly string (and wasn't traumatized any more)... since we let him spray everyone before bed.  

I think Scott and Jessie now agree that all of those years with me trying to be their teacher and boss them around when they were little actually paid off... since now I can be bossy and organize fun, creative parties... right guys? ;)

Happy Birthday Jessie! Looking forward to more celebrating later next week! Love you!

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Jenny said...

Aw I"m sad I missed out! Looks like fun.