Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pinterest Checkboxes and Halloween Decor

If you've talked to me much about Pinterest, then you know that the main thing I think it is lacking is a checkbox for when you've tried out one of the ideas you've pinned. 

This week I finally feel like I am crossing off lots of "to-do" items with some inspiration from my Pinterest boards

I've been wanted to try these ghosts for awhile. I almost chickened out... but then I did it.

Mine are pretty cute considering they probably only cost $7 total... I already had everything in the house except the dowels. I filled their heads with plastic Safeway bags and old artwork that Andrew won't miss and covered them with trash compactor bags. The trash bags make the heads a little pointy... but oh well, you win some, you lose some... I wasn't about to actually pay $$ for fabric to decorate my lawn ghosts.

They don't all hook together... but that's probably ok because the second one from the back likes to fall over sometimes. If they were all attached, then they'd all be falling all the time.

Next up, I tried this door decor idea. I made the mistake of showing it to Andrew and he decided he wanted both... not just one. So, we have a monster AND a spider door. Also, our sweet yard people filled all of our pumpkin trash bags with lawn clippings and leaves today. Our festive pumpkins are planning to adorn the cul-de-sac for our Neighborhood Halloween Carnival this weekend!

Didn't Kevin do a sweet job creating Frankenstein's hair?
Andrew and I painted the eye balls. :)

Little dude and I also made the purple spider. He is a little bummed I made it have a mouth since he says spiders don't have mouths.

Lastly, I love all the cool no carve pumpkin ideas I've been seeing around...(I have several pinned to the top of this board)... so tonight we decorated pumpkins with the girls at church. 

It was genius- no mess, no guts, no icky smells... totally my sort of Halloween craft!

I sat back and watched as the girls created their masterpieces... and I passed out the chocolatey encouragement.  

I totally feel like I deserve several little check boxes now so I can tick off these ideas.


Jenny said...

I was just thinking they need check boxes the other day! It might encourage us to actually follow through on more of our pins! Especially the recipes I'd love them to have a place where you could rate the recipes after you try them so that you can search for things with the most stars... I think I might just have to send them some suggestions!

Ashley said...

I LOVE your decor! Especially your door. Is that tape? Awesome. You should really enter the display off! (Whatever "enter" means.) I was totally going to copy your ghosts til I realized I don't have a front yard. Also, your YW are lucky. I want access to your chocolately encouragement.