Friday, October 14, 2011

The life ahead of us

I love looking back on events that have happened in my life (good and bad) and realizing that the way my life has worked out so far is perfect for me and perfect for my family.

When I was younger there were a lot of things that I wished... that never happened... and a lot of things that I planned, that didn't end up working out the way that I expected.

It is fascinating to me that no matter what stage of life I am in, there is always something I am wishing for or wishing away. I spend Saturday at the temple with friends and then listening to a remarkable woman speak.

It is incredible how my whole outlook on life has changed this week after that experience. Nothing has changed on the surface, we are still doing our regular old mundane things... but I am seeing them in a different way and enjoying each tiny moment.

I got some sad news this morning from a friend and spent the day hugging these little people more often. Andrew didn't quite get it when mommy was sobbing during her morning prayer... but he was super reverent and thoughtful.

Ironically, my friend was the one who gave me comfort with how she responded to her sad news... not the other way around. I am amazed by people who have such strong faith in the Lord's timing and plan for things.

I love my life. I love my family. I feel very blessed by all of the experiences that our family has been given that have helped us grow together. I feel especially fortunate to have many amazing friends who are also like family to me.

Have a Happy Friday!

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