Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moving In

After our nightmare-ish afternoon, we headed up to Jessie's new townhouse in Menlo Park. Once we arrived, the little people woke up from their naps and Andrew discovered his eye was pretty swollen. After some crying for a little while, we headed into Jessie's new place to check things out and play with her cool iPhone.

Scott and Tito arrived an hour or so later with some yummy Chinese food from Su Hong... and the party got even more fun. We ate and ate and ate.  

Little dude hung out and just relaxed. We barely heard a peep from him for over an hour.

I just shoveled the chow mein and fried rice in as fast as I could... and Cate loved it too. :)

Cate also loved crawling all over Jessie's large, spacious, and empty apartment.

The Ronald McDonald drive-thru room in the basement was the favorite part of the evening.

We goofed off until I thought I was going to pass out from being so tired.

We finally headed home around 9pm.

Andrew was so much happier (despite his big swollen eye). We were so lucky to have Scott, Jessie, and Cat so close by help cheer up the little buddy!

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