Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Between Naps

We saw storm clouds approaching this afternoon... so we raced outside to try and beat them and get some of our energy out!

Wagon rides with help from the Bumbo are way more fun than trying to have Andrew hold Cate.

Catie also got to ride her "bike". She was really excited. The only direction she knows to go so far is backwards... so she'd go backwards until she hit the grass and then we'd pull her forwards and have her do it again.

I seriously loved watching Cate and Andrew interact. She just laughs and laughs at random things he does... I don't even know what he did in this picture... but her huge grin was precious!

I couldn't ask for a better big brother for Cate. This morning when our friends were over, I went upstairs to pick Cate up from her nap. Andrew ran over to our friends and excitedly said something like, "My baby sister Catiebug is awake! Did you hear her? My mom went to go get her. You'll see her in a minute. She is so cute. We love her."

Love this boy. I also love how hard he is trying to share with Cate these days. We created a big "Share Points" board at our house that is a big pumpkin. Andrew gets "share points" intermittently throughout the day... not every time he shares... but often... so he never knows when he might earn something. We're working on sharing things we don't want to share. It is tough. He's really good at sharing all the random lame toys that Cate doesn't like.

The points remind me to look for his positive behavior... since it is easier to be nitpicky and look for the negative stuff. He has to earn 27 more stickers by Friday afternoon or we can't go to HMB... so let's hope we both do a good job tomorrow. :) I need to buy some more patience.

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Tim and Jennifer said...

Nolan and Kyle are fighting over toys more now than ever before. I think I'll be drawing a pumpkin for us to use this afternoon. We need some intervention!