Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Nightmare at Lemos Farm

These pictures don't tell the true story of our adventure on Friday. I was so proud of Andrew for being such a tough guy. We made our annual trek to HMB to go to Lemos Farm on Friday afternoon. We met up with some friends from when I taught in Palo Alto. These little guys have known each other since they were babies (check out these pictures of them back in the day- Andrew with K, Andrew with A). They were so sweet together.

The nightmare part of the trip happened about 5 minutes after we arrived (after our nice long drive down). Andrew got stung by a bee on his eyelid. He was watching something over at a ride and I was chatting with friends. All of a sudden I just heard him screaming. He was standing alone screaming, no one was helping, no one rushed to see what was wrong... I was so confused and ran to him as fast as I could. I didn't know why he was screaming. Someone flippantly told me he got stung by a bee on his eye and then walked off like that happens every day. The poor kid just screamed and screamed. Andrew is a tough kid and he just didn't stop screaming. It was terrible... and then Cate started screaming too. I stood off in a shady spot alone while I comforted Andrew and tried to calm the screaming Cate who I couldn't pick up and I just didn't know what to do.

Finally, I got Andrew a little bit calmed down. We bought tickets for some rides and then tried to have some fun. There were bees every where and anytime he saw one he would start crying and running and screaming again. Good times.

Finally after about 20-30 minutes, all was well.

We rode the train.

Re-enacted the same silly picture we took last year. (though he'd screamed so much by this point I wasn't totally encouraging it)

Then we fed the goats.

Then the nightmare continued because Andrew did something silly while I was off changing Cate's diaper. He was hanging out with my friends and he whacked his head really hard on a wooden fence. Ugh!

Then we tried to snap him out of that crying and head to the bounce house area... and then some seven year old launched himself out of the bounce house onto Andrew's head (while Andrew was outside the bounce house putting on his shoes)... so at that point I had the kid's grandma trying to bribe me by offering to buy me tickets and treats because Andrew was screaming so loud. She kept trying to offer to hold Cate, which the thought of just set Cate off and she was crying out of control too.... sweet :) So I held both crying kids and tried to calm them down (while the lady kept trying to bribe me- she was really worried her grandson had hurt Andrew really bad)... and then finally I got them both to calm down... enough to snap this photo :) (poor kid- can you tell by his red eyes that he'd been crying for far too long?).

We decided enough was enough and it was time to go home before anything else bad happened. We took some final photos with our buds and then drove to Menlo Park to check out Jessie's new apartment.

What a nightmare-ish day! It didn't stop there though... because when Andrew woke up from his nap in the car his eye was almost swollen shut... which equaled about another 20-30 minutes of crying.

I have a headache just thinking about Friday.

Fortunately it ended on such a better note... see next post.

The only positives of Friday were hanging out with our Escondido buds and briefly running into our other favorite friends. Thank goodness that day is over!


Jenny said...

Those are a lot of bad things to happen all in one outing! I thought from your Facebook status YOU had been stung by a bee on the eyelid. That's even sadder that it happened to Andrew, poor thing! I am totally freaked out by bees so the thought just makes me shudder. The visual of the grandma trying to bribe you while your kids screamed was semi-humorous to me... Although I'm sure it wasn't funny at all at the time.

Kevin and Kristina said...

Jenny- by that point it actually was really funny.

Liz said...

Oh poor Andrew!! That is so awful. And poor you!!

Yay for having fun at Jessie's new place afterwards. How great to have so much family here!!

We need to get together soon. I'll email you, but how are Wednesdays for you?? The boys and I would love to come for a visit!

laura kate said...

What troopers! Isn't it crazy what hard work it can be sometimes to make happy memories.

Chrissie said...

:( :( :( I think I would have had a nervous breakdown...way to go for maintaining sanity!