Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and an October Bucket List

Today Andrew had his first preschool field trip. Is it bad that I hope there aren't too many other ones? I kinda like the "school" part of preschool... we already go to the pumpkin patch as a family enough in October. That being said, I did have fun hanging out with the other moms and watching Andrew interact with his friends (as much as they "interact" when they are three).

Catie tagged along on the field trip. She made Andrew smile a lot.

You'd think I was torturing them on the hay ride... in reality, Andrew was being slow to warm up for some reason (not typical) and I had just taken Catie's bottle away for the picture.

The pumpkin patch we went to was at G&M Farms in Livermore. It was darling and the trip was great... other than the 35 minutes it took for me to get there... which meant I left my house at 8am, which is tough for me since we usually like to wake up at 7:45. :)

The corn kernel ginormous sensory box was Andrew's favorite. I found pieces of corn all over our house after we got home. He loved rolling around in it, diving into it, doing somersaults, building volcanoes with it, and occasionally throwing it. Fortunately, he only needed one warning and he didn't try to throw anything again.

There was also a fun playground, animals, etc.

After we played for awhile, we grabbed our wagon and picked a gourd, some indian corn, and a little pumpkin to take home.

Catie had fun trying to join in on the pumpkin picking... since I didn't let her touch the corn kermels or anything else fun the rest of the time. 

Once Andrew finally made his selection (awkward pumpkin with no stalk and several bumps :)), we pulled the wagon to the car and hopped in... just in time to avoid the rainstorm that arrived.

It was a fun little trip and we had fun singing Ghostbusters and Monster Mash on the way there and back!

Now that October is in full swing, I am tempted to make a cute Autumn Traditions tree... like Kelly made here... but instead I'm just going to be boring and make a list. Maybe my creativity will return later this week and I will try it.

What's on your Autumn Traditions list/October Bucket List? 

My theme for this month is "keep it simple," since I tend to go overboard a bit once October hits... and I don't slow down till January... and then I crash and burn with depression once the holidays finish.

1. Lots of activities- I posted this 31 ideas for an Active October round up on my Toddler Approved blog... we'll try a lot of them out. I'm sure we won't do all of them, but there are several really fun ideas.

2. Pumpkin Patches- G&M Farms (Livermore) and Lemos Farm (HMB) are both on our list. I think by the end of this week we'll be checking those off our list. Hurray!
3. Decorate for Fall and Halloween. I have lots of ideas pinned on my pinterest boards... usually I like to involve Andrew with the ideas. He's really into ghosts right now (is obsessed with the Ghostbuster's theme song), so we're going to fly some ghosts or line our driveway with them. If I actually do something... I'll post it. I also desperately need two Fall wreathes. 

4. Party hard at our Neighborhood Halloween Carnival- this year is bound to be better than last year... though it will be tough to compete. The Carnival is next weekend. If you live in the Bay area and want to come, comment on this post or shoot me an email and I'll pass along the address. 

5. Eat and make a lot of treats... and run A LOT so that I can work it all off. Since I'm training for a 1/2 marathon that is in November, that one shouldn't be too hard. We started off this goal today by heading up to Draegers at Blackhawk to check out their Halloween sugar cookies. I am seriously addicted to them... and this is bad because they are so close by!   

6. Live it up on my Girls trip to Vermont! I am joining Kevin's mom, sister, and my sister-in-law Liesl on a trip East later in the month. Kevin will be Mr. Mom all week long. He is so excited for the challenge :)

7. Attend Googleween and the Preschool Halloween parade by proxy. Kevin will get to chaperone the little people since I will probably be gone on my trip... I'm sure I will call during the events and get detailed reports and pictures. I'm sure there won't be 1,000 pictures like I usually take, but I'm sure I'll still get a few. 

I'm sure there are more things I want to do this month (like apple picking)... but lately I can't get myself to bed before 1am... so tonight I am just feeling tired and brain dead! Time to hit the sack! Pass along what you're planning to do this October... maybe I'll tag along? or copy you? I always love hearing other people's ideas. 

Happy Tuesday!

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