Monday, January 23, 2012

Ancestors, Book Club, and a Dragon

We had a mellow but awesome day today. Caitlin somehow slept in until 9:15, so I was lazy and slept in until 8:45. Andrew kept himself entertained until we got up and then we made cinnamon rolls again. Andrew is quite persuasive. 

Later in the morning we headed over to our monthly Mommy and Me Book Club. My friend Chrissie hosted this month and did an adorable job. We talked about weather, sang songs, read a book, and did a few craft projects.

Catie thought she was pretty cool to get to be included. Usually she is asleep... but since she slept in so late her nap was off and she got to participate. She liked rolling around on the big pillows ("clouds"), eating lots of snacks, and playing with baby Miles. She was a little miffed when there wasn't a chair at the big kid table for her... but made herself comfortable on the floor.

We spent the rest of the day being lazy. We crafted a bit and mostly just played, put away laundry, and attempted to clean up. Andrew is really good at cleaning up toys now (more OCD than me with it), so it is really nice. He puts things in the right place. I love it.

Tonight we had FHE and talked about ancestors. My friend Heather shared this awesome FHE website link, so we put it to use right away and did the first lesson for January.

Andrew thought these pictures of Grandpa Kim were pretty darn cool.
I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Grandma Ewart.
She looks like a knock-out and still looks so composed with her passel of 5 boys.

Andrew also liked learning a bit about his Great Grandpa Henry and Great Grandpa Fred.

We also talked about where our ancestors are from and talked about how Heavenly Father loves children from all around the world. Since I wasn't prepared to do a craft project or something from a place where our ancestors were from, we worked as a family to finish up our Chinese New Year dragon project (since today is Chinese New Year). I thought it turned out pretty cool. Andrew is mostly excited that the dragon breathes fire.

We are looking forward to hopefully another great day tomorrow!

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