Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo wall experimenting

My friend Wendy has photography friends posting on her blog all month long sharing how they display their own photographs in their homes. I was inspired and now I have a goal in 2012 to get more of the gazillion photos that I take up on the wall! Remember this post? It is time to get rid of ALL of my blank canvases!

So I got started today by buying some frames and planning out some ideas.

I bought two Norman Rockwell prints (shown above- though very small- and my frames don't look like that) when I was in Vermont this Fall... so today I finally found some large frames (they are 20x24) and should be a great way to fill a huge blank wall in Andrew's room. Now I need to get the prints matted. Hopefully that doesn't take me another whole year.

I also plotted out a way to possibly create a photo wall in my living room. This is my plan. It uses 2 (16x20), 2 (11x14), and 4 (8x10) photos. Currently the largest photo we have in our house is a 5x7... so these photos will be a step up... assuming I can decide on photos to showcase. 

My little tiny Target table is looking rather pitiful with the wall display... so maybe we'll have to upgrade it to something nicer/bigger later this year. Btw, I know the tape shapes aren't totally straight. I didn't feel like getting out the level for this little exercise. It will definitely be used when we actually put the frames up. There is nothing that annoys me more than a crooked frame (other than maybe glitter).

I think I may also add some photos of the kids in the living room/playroom. Kevin and I are still deciding if two photos on each side of the window is overkill. We may do one long photo/print on each side instead. Thoughts?

K, so... pass along feedback.

Also, how do you decide what to frame or group together? Do all the photos on my photo wall need to be from the same photo shoot? Should they all have similar colors? Where should I print large photos? I am doing color photos (no black and whites... I think)... and I am doing black frames with a simple matte. 

I spent an hour at Aaron Brothers tonight and only came home with two frames. Since they are having a buy one frame, get the second one for 1 cent, I was hoping I'd be more successful. No dice.

Where do you like to buy frames? Pass along advice please. It would be so fun to see photos all around the house of my kids... at the rate I am currently going that won't happen until they are in college!


Maddy Pie said...

I love this! I love your wall collage over your table in the entry. I think that will be stunning. I also like the idea of pics on either side of your big window. What you have would work great but I love the whimsy of the 1:2 ratio prints, like a 10x20, or a 12x24 or even skinnier.
I buy my frames wherever I can find them. Often I'll take old ones and just spray paint them black because I don't want to buy new. Mine are more whimsical though so if you want them all the same, you might keep your eye out for a sale. Target, Michael's, Aaron Bros, Richards. And I think as long as there is some element of consistency, you can do whatever you want. I have both BW and color together but they are all in black frames.
I love your Rockwell prints! I want to do a Rockwell inspired session this year with kids. :)
I'm trying to post a link to your blog on FB but it isn't letting me. I will keep trying though. :)

mar said...

I buy frames at Ikea, by far one of the cheapest places I have found. I think you can do a mix of different phot shoots, etc. Our picture wall at our apartment is all black and white family wedding photos (parents, grandparents,etc) I think you can be creative and it will look great!--Marisa

Kevin and Kristina said...

Awesome. Thanks for the advice! Maybe I will mix and match some of the B&W and color.

I definitely think I will need to go to IKEA sometime soon.

Wendy- I love the idea of the 10x20 or 12x24... I will have to try that out and see how it will work... and see if I can find a print/photo I like for that. (preferably a photo).

Stephanie said...

Ikea actually does have decent frames...I need to do some photo action on my wall, too. Add it to the list.

Ashley said...

These look great, and will be even better with pics! Getting pics printed, framed, and on the wall is a feat indeed. I have frames from that Aaron Bros sale, from Walmart, Target, Michaels etc. I do most of my printing at Costco.

Liz said...

I'm so excited you've got tape up on the walls!! You're so close to getting pictures up!

I love the picture wall/collage. And, I like two pictures on either side of the front window. Your ceilings is so high, so I think it looks fine.

I love Target frames.

Good luck!

Jenny said...

i love all of this planning! i don't know where to buy frames but i like the layouts.

The Mostess said...

I did the same thing!! Picking my prints up at Costco. :)