Friday, January 13, 2012


When I was reflecting on my week yesterday, I thought, "I have barely seen any of my friends this week. I need to get planning some parties or something."

Then today I took a sec to actually go moment by moment through my week and I realized that I think I have a problem with my social gauge. Here's how our week has gone.

- Andrew had two friends over and I hung out and chatted with my friend Cara while the kids played.
- Met up with three other friends at the park for a lunch playdate AND ran into my newest neighbor there too. Played for over an hour and a half.
- Went running to the Snake Park in the late afternoon and bumped into my new neighbor again. We chatted while the kids played.

Um... I think I had probably 4 hours of friend social time just on Monday.

- Went walking with my friend Sandy for an hour in the morning while Andrew was at preschool
- Had a lunch playdate with my neighbor and kids after preschool
- Played in the court with the neighbor kids in the afternoon and chatted with their babysitter
- Went to our neighborhood HOA meeting with my other neighbor in the evening and got some more girl chat time in

(Catie totally thinks she is one of the big kids)

At least 3+ more friend social hours

This is my chill day of the week... so we hung out and I think I chatted with Flab to Fab competition friends on Facebook or Kid Blogger friends for like half the day. Catie was trying to take a nap for like 3 hours! We also ate a lot chocolate.

(coming for my chocolate)

(eating my chocolate)

- Went to our speed dating youth activity and chatted with the other leaders and the YW for an hour and a half.

Probably only 1.5 hours of actual face time with friends... maybe that's why I was feeling like I needed to plan a party?

- Chatted with friends at preschool drop off/pick up
- Got my hair cut by one of my favorite people and chatted with her for a fun full hour while Cate went and got babysat by a friend
- played on the computer

- met up with two friends and kids at Blackhawk for lunch and more socializing
- Went running in the afternoon and met up with my friend's family at the park for an hour or so
- Came home and hung out in the cul-de-sac with my fabulous neighbors for like another half an hour

(Catie loves having bikes to steal and friends to push her around)

Um... at least 4+ hours of more social time.

None of this is counting time on the phone with Etta or Elise. Yeah... I think I have a problem if I somehow think that I have been not social enough this week. I am tired reading this!

We also managed to get a lot of errands and random projects done... and one of these days I will catch up on laundry/dishes. But instead we did art projects, played dress up, and actually got a workout in every day (at least once).

(checking out her new outfit)

This little cutie loves necklaces, wings, hats, clippies... I love it!

I am so excited for a relaxing Friday tomorrow! Here's to hoping my kids (I mean Andrew) don't continue the trend of waking me up 2 times every night because of problems with sheets or lost flashlights or monsters. Mommy is tired... probably from all the socializing I didn't even realize I was doing!

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Lopez Family said...

WHAT! and you said you need more social time...that is A LOT of social time. im super impressed how u managed to squeeze all those activities in and do the stuff u do. im super impressed =)