Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve in Pictures

How did you spend New Years Eve? I'm sure your evening wasn't as exciting or as fun as ours was... ;)


Flew home from Utah

Did mountains of laundry from our weeklong vacation and unpacked all five of our suitcases. We still have lots to do... but we're making progress.

 Played Kinect

Re-discovered toys we've missed over the past week

Contemplated our resolutions

Attempted to clean up Christmas (or at least take lots of ornaments off the tree thanks to my little helper)

Made chocolate chip cookies

Celebrated at "midnight" (9pm = midnight at our house thanks to YouTube videos of previous Times Square countdowns)

Looked for other treats to eat... since the cookies the boys made were a bit inedible

Cleaned up streamers and attempted to go to bed before 1am (since our goal is to get more sleep in 2012)

It was a fun night, but I always love New Years Day better than New Years Eve. I am so glad I spent years and years doing crazy fun things on NYE like going to Times Square or London or SF... so now I can happily sit on my couch and watch Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark and be happy in my pjs next to Kevin with a diet Coke and chocolate!

Hooray for New Years Eve!

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