Wednesday, January 18, 2012

These boots were made for...

Walking, chasing, and tickling!

How cute are these boots that Scott and Tito got for Catie for Christmas?

She practiced walking in them today while we were putting laundry away... and unfortunately ended up like this on the floor once or twice

She thought pounding them on the wood floor was pretty seriously awesome though.

So adorable! Can't wait to actually put together a cute outfit to wear them with... today we just put them on with what she was already wearing.

The boots definitely helped her escape from crazy Andrew a time or two as well

I love that my rocking chair gets so much use from their games of chase and hide and seek

I also loved that for a few minutes when she first put the boots on she didn't know how to walk in them and just stood perfectly still so I could snap a picture of her. I think I'll be bringing them out for more photo shoots. Maybe then I'll actually have a few photos that don't have her running away from me (her new favorite thing).

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Lopez Family said...

totally cute boots! i love little boots on little girls. even though i might even wear catie's boots!