Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Fun

Little chica is a walker on the verge of running... and is ALL over the place. Picture her at IKEA (in Emeryville) on a Saturday- refusing to ride in a stroller/cart or be held. She is crazy!

If I don't watch her, she just will start booking it down the block.

She is also always a mess it seems these days! Those squeeze baby food things are the most amazing thing ever... until she gets ahold of one with her church dress on and squeezes food all over herself and then mostly on Kevin's suit and my shirt. She trie to eat rocks, dirt, and anything else she can find outside... so no wonder she looks like a raggamuffin!

This is a girl after my own heart though. I swear she says M&Ms and chocolate (in her own baby way) almost all day long. She knows you've gotten a treat and can smell it a mile away. She'll stand next to the counter trying to grab up at 13x9 pans filled with carmelitas that she can't reach. She looks so adorable doing it that Kevin and I can't help but give her a sample of whatever we are having.

When she falls she starts saying M&M since undoubtedly I'll offer one to her to get her to stop crying. Who can say no to this little cutie?

Other than a trip to IKEA to buy a bookcase for Andrew's room (and to meet up with Scott & Tito for lunch there), we had a pretty chill weekend. Kevin hung frames for me. I selected pictures and got them printed. I am on a mission to get photos and other decorations on our walls finally. I have been staring at blank walls for 2 years!

Kevin is one amazing frame hanger. There is no doubt in my mind that everything is straight and that knowledge makes me happier than if it were Christmas. I love symmetry and things that are straight. Growing up I had to draw pencil lines with rulers on every thank you card that I wrote before I could write a message.

My favorite photo display so far is this one that we put over Cate's dresser. Our friend Meghan took the photos earlier this year (Cate was 9 months) and we love them.

More pictures to come later this week. Kevin is calling me possessed. I am on a decorating kick. The dishes and laundry are suffering a bit... so hopefully I can go remedy that now!

Andrew spent the weekend "helping" Kevin and being my baking buddy. He is the cutest. Unfortunately he can't keep his body still enough for me to take a picture of him... though I wish I had a picture of him screaming bloody murder in the hallway at church today. He DID NOT want to go to Sunbeams and everyone at church knew it. Fortunately bribery works on him.

I'm exhausted! Good night!


Jenny said...

Everything looks great!

Chrissie said...

I couldn't believe how mobile she was today at the playground--seems like all of a sudden she's on a real walking kick. Love the pictures on the walls, and yep--they're looking super straight! ;)

Warner said...

I love that picture display in Cate's room too! And the one in your entryway. Izzie felt the same way about Sunbeams yesterday, she refused to go and apparently had a fit when Chris left her (after an hour). Bribery did not work on her.