Monday, January 16, 2012

Lazy Sundays

This is what lazy Sundays look like around here after church 
(the first five hours of the day from 7am-12pm are NOT lazy)

Tea parties

Andrew was way more into it than Catie was


Lots of toy time

Lots of smiles because dad is home

Parading around in cute outfits

Attempting to play together 
(swing... and a miss... Catie's more interested in cars and balls than a tea party)

 posing... contemplating how to get more treats

M&M face- hoping to score lots of M&Ms from mom!

A little too much iPad time

A tantrum or two... or more
(someone got woken up by her brother an hour too early)

Weekly Sunday family walk... this week in the bitter cold

Climbing trees with dad!

(talking strategy)

Lots of hugs!

And of course, we did plenty of relaxing!

It was a great Sunday! So glad tomorrow is a holiday so we get to do it all again.

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