Tuesday, September 18, 2012

6 Things I Love This Week

1. Speed racer

Andrew and I had a shoe shopping date on Saturday. We raced through the mall trying on shoes. Andrew's main goal was to have ones he could call "speed racer" shoes that would make him extra fast. We finally found some stylin ones at Stride Rite. He had to wear them out of the store so he could speed race around the mall... so we bought socks too. The shoes don't look good in this picture because they are shiny, but they are seriously awesome shoes. He is in love. He had to look at himself in every mirror in the shoe store. It was very cute. Then we got cookies and goofed around a bit before heading home.

2. Rockets

Andrew's newest obsession is rockets... along with space shuttles. Kevin let him watch scenes from Apollo 13 a few too many times when I was gone last weekend, so now he rocket races with Catie around our house all day and is loving making all sorts of rockets.

Here are two he's made recently

And this space shuttle is now on his Christmas list (I take photos of anything he has to have right now when we are at the toy store... usually that pacifies him a bit... this shuttle keeps coming up though and he is very certain he cannot wait till Christmas for it... so he's going to do some extra work around the house for me to try and earn money to pay for it sooner... we'll see how that works :))

3. Tiddy Tat Pictures

Andrew loves drawing and now Catie has jumped on the band wagon. She is so cute to watch and will actually spend quite a bit of time (for a toddler) scribbling. She is also very descriptive about what she is drawing. Today she said, "yook mama, yook! tiddy tat!" again and again as she drew a large scribble all over my "to do" list. While I made dinner later in the day she drew several more "tiddy tats" and then Andrew had to draw his own to show her the right way to draw a cat. It was pretty adorable to watch them both drawing together at the table.

4. Cop Catie

I absolutely love how into dressing up both of my kids are right now. Catie spent the evening giving us all tickets while Andrew dressed up like an astronaut and sang songs for us on his bed.

Then he turned my bed into their space ship and they assumed their positions for take off. 
Love that he made sure they both had comfy pillows for their departure.

5. Lots of loves

My little Catie gives me loves out of the blue all day long. When we are at park day she'll just come up behind me and hug and hug me... or just sit on my lap and turn around and hug me. She also loves to climb up behind me on the chair when I am doing my hair and give me hugs. It is so sweet!

6. Virtues

To start off our day a bit better, I picked seven virtues for us to focus on this week. We may repeat the sames ones again and again for the next few weeks. Each day we have a new virtue based on things Kevin and I think we can work on as a family. The ones we chose are: Gratitude, Kindness, Obedience, Self-Mastery, Helpfulness/Good Works, Honesty, and Patience.

I have started off each morning introducing the virtue to the kids with a little thought or scripture to go along with it. Then we do activities during the day related to the virtue (sing songs, do projects, have little discussions, etc.). Today we sang the song "Kindness begins with me" a lot and worked on being kind to one another. We also did a few kind acts for other people. Wow, has this little exercise changed my attitude this week!

I'm sure there are plenty more things I could add to this list... but these are my favorites today!

Later this week I will have fun posts about the daddy/daughter camp out that Kevin will be taking Catie on AND the HOA Neighborhood Barbecue I am throwing. Fuddruckers is catering it so I can't wait for my Fudd fries from the Fudd truck!   

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