Saturday, September 15, 2012

What a week!

This week flew by... and that was a good thing because my little people were crazy this week! We actually had a lot of fun though, so I'm going to choose to reflect on that a bit and not only remember the tantrums... since we had a LOT of those too.

We got new pjs and clothes in the mail! The weather is so warm and Andrew has been bummed he can't wear any of his new long sleeved shirts yet... except indoors in the A/C!

We had several park days with friends! I chat with friends, the kids are supposed to play... though my kids don't seem to be able to get with the program and end up clinging to me the whole time :) I think they thought I was going to leave them again. At least I got lots of hugs from Catie!

I also did a lot of prep as Curriculum chair to help get things ready for school to start. We had a executive board meeting that went until 11pm one night... so I definitely did not wake up to run at 6:30 enough this week! 

Lots of planning for our neighborhood BBQ has been happening! I am one of the Social Directors... so Andrew and I drove around the neighborhood one afternoon hanging fliers up on poles. He held the nails and took his job very seriously.

I had my first day volunteering at Kinderprep. I get to help out two times a month. I loved it. The kids are really cute. I loved listening to Andrew yell, "Girls, there's a fire in your house!" and then he would gather up all the boys and get the girls out of the play house and the boys would try to extinguish all the "fires." It was so cute to see them all playing together.

Andrew's first work of art on his school art wall. Once he saw it hanging up there he got annoyed and said that wasn't his picture. After I probed a little more we realized that it was his picture (of a volcano), but it was hung upside down... so he didn't recognize it. His teacher quickly changed it and he was so proud to tell me all about it. So funny!

We celebrated our hard work at Kinderprep with a trip to Mrs. Fields.

While Andrew and I worked hard at Kinderprep, Catie napped and my babysitter worked hard to make my YW handouts. No late night Saturday crafting for me this week! I think I am going to enjoy having a helper to do projects for me while Catie sleeps.

We also had some fun with sponges this week... we did a word family game and built towers again... I love having a stash of sponge pieces on hand. They can be used for so many great things... especially atacking sisters!

Friday was gearing up to be my favorite day of the week... Catie slept in until almost 9am (which meant I did too) and I actually made breakfast (and it didn't involve the toaster or the microwave)

But I think the craziness of the week caught up to us and I seriously think we didn't have more than an hour the entire day when someone wasn't crying... seriously. Andrew threw a giganto tantrum at the park and I'm surprised no one called CPS on me... and then again we had 2 or 3 more later in the day... over things like the color of playdough he wanted or a tiny scratch. You could tell school was more exhausting than he let on!

My cute Caters decided to copy her big brother and took the art of tantruming to a whole new level. She is so hard to take seriously because she is so dramatic. She wants to do everything herself ("I do it") and despite all the amazing language bursts and new words that she has learned... she still resorts to throwing herself on the floor screaming instead of talking the majority of the time. I have to laugh because there were way too many moments today when I wanted to cry. It was exhausting!

My favorite thing about Catie right now is that she loves Wonder Pets and will sing along to the theme song. It is precious. She got to watch lots of Wonder Pets this evening when I took a Mommy Time Out before Kevin got home. She is also more stubborn than Andrew. Something I didn't think was possible. Maybe baby #3 will be more mellow like his dad? (crossing my fingers) 

Speaking of Baby #3... we got an adorable package from Shari this week. It was filled with some cute Halloween shirts for the kiddos (which they will show off later) and some sweet sleepers for the new little man. We were so surprised that the little guy got presents and they made me so excited! Thanks Shari!

In between all the craziness, I managed to wake up a few times and go running with my friend Cara in the early morning. That is definitely my favorite time of day. I feel energetic and not like a huge whale. I kinda can't believe I still have so long until the baby comes though... people already approach me far too often acting like I am absolutely ginormous and should be due any day. It is giving me a complex... especially since Kevin has dropped like 20 pounds while I've gained that much and then some... Maybe the baby will come sooner than the doctor expects?

Speaking of Kevin... he was at a YouTube training all week and got to "work" with his buddies on a music video. This picture of him cracks me up... I think one night he didn't get home until after 10pm because he was at a co-worker's house recording on the drums...

So funny! So glad to have him home for the weekend to help me manage the crazy people! 

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