Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Catching Up

Gotta catch up on our weekend events before this next weekend hits and I have even more oodles of pictures to share!

Labor Day Weekend was a blast!

Once my house was actually clean (finally), I decided I wanted to throw a Labor Day BBQ... so we had two families over (Aguilars and Heymans) and had so much fun! Andrew was the only boy and he loved it.

Catie decided to make the house a mess right before our guests arrived

The kids got along great and other than Catie, everyone seemed super happy and had fun!

They designed posters for Andrew's "clubhouse" (our empty backyard shed) and there was quite the sticker explosion all over my kitchen. It was so fun to see them all creating. 

I also started off Labor Day with a 7am run with my friend Cara. We ran 5 miles and it felt AMAZING... and then afterwards I felt like I was waddling for the rest of the day.

Andrew did a lot of play dough all weekend long.

We took a family shopping trip to hit up some sales at the mall. These two hooligans were crazy and kept me laughing while Kevin tried on clothes. I only tagged along to look at baby clothes and eat cookies.

Here is the only pic I have of myself lately... proof that I exist and am pregnant... still haven't figured out how to take a side view shot of myself, so all I have is front view. This is one of probably 4 outfits I wear lately.

We also had a great Sunday! We made good food, all took naps (except Andrew who played in the backyard by himself- more play dough), relaxed, and I went on an hour walk by myself. Love when that happens!

I loved Catie in her Sunday outfit, so I snapped a few photos.

The kiddos and I were soooo sad to see Kevin go back to work on Tuesday! Fortunately he's taking Thursday and Friday off to hang with the kiddos while I go on a girls trip! They can't wait!

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