Friday, September 14, 2012

Smith Girls Trip- NYC {Day 2}

Our second day in Manhattan was insanely hot and muggy. The clouds covered most of the city for the morning, so our run was hot. Jessie and Elise were nice to take turns run/walking with me on our Central Park jog because I was quite a slow poke that day.

When we got close to our hotel it started pouring. Jessie kept us entertained by dancing in the crazy rain.

We thought it would rain all day long... but instead the sun came out and the rest of the afternoon was HOT!

Since I thought it was going to rain all day, I didn't bring my nice camera.. so all I have are Instagram pics to document the day. It is so sad that I got lots of pictures of food... but not of us all together! If I would've gotten pics of me and Cat from this day would show us both sitting on benches. We took turns needing to take breaks from walking. We were so tired! We also went on lots of adventures together to find bathrooms.

For lunch Elise and I met up with Kathren (our best friend from HS and beyond) at Max Brenner. Yum Yum Yum! Good conversation, good food, and AMAZING treats!

Love how large and in charge I look in this photo. Kath is expecting too, though you can barely tell. She's due in February. This is the 2nd time we've been pregnant together, so it will be fun to have another set of little ones that can be buddies! (Here's the pic from when we last hung out as preggos together). We were both about 7 or 8 months along in that picture. Caitlin and Kathren's son Will were born one day apart! Kathren's daughter Caraline and Elise's daughter Maddie are only a few weeks apart too! So fun that we can enjoy this crazy stage of life together!

Elise and Kathy shared the fondue and I got a yummy molten cake. Mmm!

After we said goodbye, we trekked over to Bleeker Street for some shopping. We visited Magnolia, but I was still wayyy too stuffed from lunch to even sample a cupcake. We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and exploring... I mostly just wanted to find stores with A/C so that I could sit down in the cold! We explored the West Village, Chelsea Market, and walked around The Highline... loved all the wind up there and cozy benches for sitting on and chatting! 

When we could walk no more, we popped into this awesome nail salon and all got pedicures and phenomenal leg massages. We were probably there almost two hours and it was seriously the highlight of the day for me.

(Not the most attractive photo of me... but I was too tired to try and sit up straight!)

We ended the night with dinner at Cosi (one of our favorite places) and an early return to the hotel (because by that point it was pouring rain and they were talking about tornadoes and hurricanes on the news). 

Day 3 was filled with traveling. Cat and I flew home together and we were like pregnant celebrities. Everyone wanted to know how far along we were, what we were having, and were so excited to hear that our kids would be cousins.

Several ladies told their husbands all about how my husband was watching my kids so that I could take a girls trip (and how we do it EVERY year)... hoping to pass along not so subtle hints to them... 

The flight home was amazing. I slept and read the whole time. The only downfall was that Virgin America ran out of practically every single good food item while I was sleeping... so all I had was Cadbury bars and Black & White cookies. Usually that would be fine, but not when I'm pregnant and on a 6 hour flight and my last meal was at 8am... and the flight didn't arrive till 3pm (6pm EST). I got home and basically inhaled all of the food in our house before I played with my kids.

I was so excited to see them! They've been putting me through the ringer all week long making me pay for leaving them... anyone up for another girls trip next weekend? I need another break! :)

Kudos to Kevin for keeping the kids alive and having fun all four days that I was gone! He even bought the kiddos a new pet... which I will need to post about later. Great weekend, awesome husband... and HUGE thanks to my mom for putting it all together and inviting us all!

We love you mom!

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