Sunday, September 23, 2012

Father/Daughter Campout

On Friday night after helping me do a few things for our neighborhood BBQ, Kevin and Catie headed off for the Father/Daughter Campout put together by two of the wards in our area. As the EQP, he was in charge of the breakfast for everyone on Saturday morning, so he and Catie ran around trying to find grills and coolers and then loaded up food in different people's cars and headed off for some fun!

They didn't make it to the campsite till close to 9pm, so Catie went right to bed like a champ and Kevin managed to snag one of the last s'mores and hang out with some of the dads/girls. He said it was quite different than the Father/Son campout because there were little girls practicing cheers and performing them for the dads and stuff like that... which I don't picture Andrew and his friends doing :) So cute!

Catie wasn't her typical super sleeper self and managed to wake up three times during the night... but calmed herself down quickly without any intervention from Kevin or bothering anybody (besides Kevin), so that was good.

The next morning Kevin got loads of the dads to help him with breakfast while he kept tabs on our crazy girl.

I loved hearing how everything went... especially with regards to the food. There were a few key items that Kevin didn't think to bring (mixing bowl, spatula, wooden spoon, large pot) which made feeding over 100 people pancakes, eggs, hot chocolate, etc. a little tricky. Fortunately they improvised and used a cooler (pictured below) as their mixing bowl... and a wooden paint stirrer that I had in the trunk, to mix the hot cocoa. :) (Reminded me of the time we used a lacrosse stick to mix hot cocoa at Palo Alto Palooza). 

Overall, it sounded like the campout was a lot of fun and Catie came home and showed me her dirty shoes and toes and clothes right away. We dropped her right in the bath and then later that afternoon she almost took a 3 hour nap and then went to bed early. I think Kevin actually went to bed at 9pm last night, which is super early for him too. They were both wiped out!

So proud of super dad Kevin for taking Catie! She was by far the youngest camper and I was impressed they went! (I did not twist his arm to take her either) I'm sure as she gets older this will become a really fun father/daughter tradition!

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Chrissie said...

Love this. I think it is so sweet that the daddies get to do this with their girls...I imagine the scene is quite different from a father/son campout. And can you imagine a mother/son or mother/daughter campout? There would probably be enough bowls and stuff, first of all. LOL--when Sevak came home and I found remnants of pancake batter in the cooler I was like, "what's this all about?"