Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Smith Girls Trip- NYC {Day 1}

I don't have as many pictures from our girls trip as I could've taken, but I do have some fun ones. 

Last Thursday afternoon Jessie, Cat, and I boarded a plane and headed to Manhattan! We took a taxi to The Intercontinental Hotel in the Upper East Side where we arrived at the exact same time as Elise and my mom. 

Fortunately we had young, energetic Jessie with us (I would've curled up and gone to bed right away), so we headed out on the town to explore and get some treats after we dropped off our bags in our hotel room.

We woke up at 9am the next day and went off to Central Park for about a four mile run. It was insanely muggy and I don't think I have EVER sweat that much in my life, but the location was gorgeous and company was fabulous, so we had a lot of fun!

I love this view of the reservoir

My run recovery breakfast of a black & white cookie helped jump start a day filled with lots of treats!

On our way shopping we stopped at Crumbs for some cupcakes and cookies. Elise and I shared the squiggle cupcake that is like a giant Hostess cupcake. Sooo yummy!

We shopped and shopped until we were ready to drop... and then we headed to The Plaza for afternoon tea. We are all still very sad that no one ended up with the gorgeous coat from Barneys that Elise is holding. I want a version in MY SIZE... but they didn't have Catie, Olivia, or Maddie's size. :( The one Elise is holding Catie would've grown out of before Christmas probably... so sad... though good for our budgets! 

Tea at the Plaza is insanely rich. Each tea comes with sandwiches, a drink, and several levels of desserts. The "chocolate tea" was my favorite... although the Eloise one was a close second. We couldn't decide which one to order, so we ordered all four and tried them all. The chocolate tea came with amazingly rich delicious fondue. 

After tea we attempted to walk off and shop off everything that we had eaten... and then we headed back to the hotel for a break. I sat down expecting to catch up on emails and managed to pass out within a few minutes. The 20-30 minute nap I had at 6pm (3pm PST... my usual naptime :)) was the most amazing nap I feel like I have had in awhile.

After our relaxing, we headed off to find some delicious NY pizza before booking it over to Times Square to find our theatre and watch Newsies!

 The musical was amazing! Cat saved the day halfway through (since I was getting a little sleepy) and surprised us with Newsies collectors cups filled with some caffeine :) It was just enough to get me energized for the rest of the show. No matter how hard I try not to, it is really easy for me to fall asleep in shows when I am pregnant- Wicked, Les Miserables, etc. have all been slept through. It is so sad. Usually I won't go to them any more because it ends up being a waste of money... fortunately I survived and loved every minute of the night!

We ended our first whole day with a walk through Bryant Park at night (gorgeous) and a stop for treats on the way home... where we crashed in bed exhausted!

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Ashley said...

You girls travel just like I want to--only I am not out there running when I'm pregnant! You are awesome! I would love to go on an eating tour of NY. Feel free to adopt me into the fam before your next girl's trip.