Saturday, September 1, 2012

Never Leaving Home

Yesterday when I told Andrew it was going to be Saturday the next day and we would all be home he said, "So we can stay home all day together and never leave?" (in an excited tone that made me wonder who he is related to).

So stay home we did... almost all day. To be honest, I actually loved it because I got tons of stuff done.

(today's masterpiece for the grocery store that he was creating)

Andrew has been starting off the day with art projects. I'll wake up and he's drawn something new and cool on his easel paper. As soon as I was awake he was asking to go play outside... 

Once Catie was awake, she joined him. The kids (and sometimes Kevin) played outside all morning long. I snuck out occasionally to snap photos and then worked on organizing, cleaning, laundry, some projects, and more cleaning.

Catie liked to come inside to beg for treats.

And band-aids for her doll.

Her daddy can't say no

Such little cuties... Catie obviously needs to lay off the chalk. 

We also met with a contractor about some stuff we may do in the house upstairs and then Catie and I worked on loads of blogging activities while Kevin and Andrew went swimming at the pool.

Andrew helped end the day on a high note by cracking me up with his clothes and then surprising me by hiding in the kitchen (after I thought he was in bed) wearing a newborn baby hospital bunny hat (ones we made as an Easter service project last year). I have not laughed that hard in a LONG time.

After the crazy week that we had, it was so nice to stay home together today... and almost never leave. I love my family!

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