Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of Kinderprep

Andrew had his first day of Kinderprep yesterday and loved it. He has school Monday-Thursday from 12:30-3:30pm and is in class with about eleven other kids that are mostly age five. I think he's the youngest in the class, so we'll see how that goes. He turns five in February. There are four boys in his class (including him) and seven girls. Several went to school the same day as him last year and we've been doing playdates all summer, so he already knew many of their names and felt pretty comfortable.

He was so excited when I dropped him off he could barely focus for a picture- too much fun stuff to see!

Catie also thought she was going to school and was thoroughly disappointed (cue massive tantrum throwing herself on the floor) when we had to leave.

Andrew got to sign in all by himself when he got to school. Love my cute little lefty.

He said his favorite part of school was playing with the puppet that I made for him at Kinderprep Orientation last week (that is supposed to look like him). Totally does, right? He loved the "A."

On the drive home he also told me about everyone's different lunch boxes and how he needed a Star Wars one in addition to his Spiderman one.

My kids were crazy yesterday re-adjusting to me being home from my NYC trip so they were highly emotional/tantrumy... so we celebrated the first day of school by ordering take out Papa John's Pizza at the end of the day and watching NetFlix- nothing Pinterest worthy or super original. I was just too darn tired! :)

Cannot believe we now have school almost every day. Fortunately since it is in the afternoons, we can still do fun things together in the mornings.


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The Mostess said...

Go Andrew! And that puppet looks mysteriously similar to him! Too funny!