Saturday, September 29, 2012

Super Saturday with Dad and the Tarantulas

Kevin and Andrew have been planning to go see the tarantulas at Mt. Diablo for weeks. We finally  scheduled it on the calendar to make sure it would happen. Unfortunately, they got up there too late in the morning to see anything, so instead they went hiking at Rock City!

They would not be deterred from their goal... so after a little quiet time and resting back at home, they grabbed their favorite Catie bug and headed over to the other side of Mt. Diablo (North gate) to hunt again for tarantulas. Supposedly the best time to see them is around 6pm.

They wanted to make sure they had plenty of energy for hunting, so they stopped at Mel's Diner in Walnut Creek for some dinner...  

Kevin said they were amazingly well-behaved (I am still floored Kevin took them out to eat at a sit down restaurant... albeit a diner, by himself... sounds like my worst nightmare).... Their dinner came out in a car and they both got milkshakes. I think Kevin is winning the best parent award this weekend. My idea of dinner out with the two of them involves them strapped into their carseats watching a movie while I pass them Chipotle quesadillas and I inhale my salad in peace and quiet in the front seat and read emails.

Love this little milkshake face

After they got energized, they explored the area by the north gate and saw three tarantulas right in the road!!! They got out to get a better look. Sounds like there are less tarantulas out this year... normally you'd see way more (all over the road everywhere), but man was Andrew IN HEAVEN. Catie actually didn't get too freaked out either... she's hot and cold with spiders... usually they scare her and she hates them... but sometimes she loves them.

What a fun night! My kiddos are lucky to have such a great dad... and I was so lucky to have had somewhere else to go so I didn't have to see all the spiders! :) Ugh!

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