Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sweet Moments

Andrew is currently obsessed with rockets as I mentioned in my post yesterday. We have done this rocket craft many times over the last few days. On a whim today I decided to sneak a little rocket note into his Kinderprep lunchbox. I am usually lucky if I remember to give him a lunch... let alone put anything cute in it, but today I took 5 seconds and made him a rocket note.

When I went to pick him up at 3:30 at school he ran outside holding the note and said, "Mom! Thank you for my note. I loved it! How did you know I liked rockets so much?! That was so awesome!" His teacher told me he had been holding onto his note since snack and hadn't put it down the rest of the day.

I loved how excited and grateful he was!

Another sweet moment came tonight when we were saying prayers at bedtime. My Grandma Ewart is not doing well. Andrew and I have talked about her a lot over the past few months as she's been going through chemotherapy. After my recent visit to see her, he has consistently remembered her in his daily prayers with no reminders from me. Tonight when I told him she wasn't doing well, he asked if she was going to die. We talked about that a bit and decided to offer a special prayer to help her feel peace and comfort right now. In his prayer he said, "Bless Grandma Ewart to be happy and bless her to have a lot of fun in Heaven with Heavenly Father." 

Love that boy! He had just drawn with crayon all over my white dining room walls a few moments before and yet I just couldn't be mad at him any more. I am so grateful for my family and especially my cute kiddos!

I love this picture of Andrew with Grandma at Mattas about two years ago... 
he just cracked her up all evening and thinks she's pretty much awesome 
since she is Grandpa Kim's mom.

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